DVR Tips & Troubleshooting

With your Dual Turner DVR you can:


  • Record 1 show and watch another live at the same time.
  • Record 2 shows at the same time and watch one of the two shows you are recording.
  • Recording 2 shows at the same time and watch something you’ve previously recorded on your DVR.


Single Tough Recordings:


  1. Press RECORD on the remote while watching TV or looking at the guide


Recording from the Guide:


  1. Press Guide on the remote.  Using the arrow keys, highlight your chosen program.
  2. Press the INFO key on the remote.
  3. Highlight the record button and press OK to start recording a current program or to automatically schedule a program showing later.


Setting a Series Recording:


  1. Press GUIDE on your remote.  Using the arrow keys, highlight the program you wish to record as a series.
  2. Press INFO on the remote.
  3. Highlight the record icon and press OK.
  4. Using the arrow keys, highlight “Create a Series Recording” and press OK.
  5. Select the options you wish to use for your recording.


*If you try to schedule more than 2 recordings at the same time, you will be prompted to select which programs you prefer to record.



What do I do if my set-top box won’t respond when I press a button on my remote control?


  1. Verify that the remote control is in “Cable” mode.
  2. Make sure there new batteries in the remote.
  3. Check to be sure there is a clear “line-of-sight” between the remote and your set top box


What do I do if my my guide isn’t showing me what is on the channels?


Usually this happens when the box has been recently set up or reconnected to a power source.  Wait 15-20 minutes for all the information to download.


I am stuck on the program guide and neither the remote buttons or the set-top box buttons will do anything?


Reset your box by unplugging it and plugging it back in.  It will take 15-20 minutes for all information to download again.


Will my recordings still be on my DVR if my set-top box loses power?


Any program saved on the box before the power is lost, will be preserved.  You will only miss recordings scheduled during the loss of power.